Zen Juggling – Trust in Multitasking

We all live in a multitasking environment. We are constantly loaded with multiple tasks and thoughts, and sometimes we are trying to handle it all at once. Multitasking has become present everywhere in our lifes: at home, at work, while driving our car and in numerous simple daily tasks.

The competition on our attention can have a destructive effect on our emotions and our interactions with the people around us. According to dozens of studies from around the world, distractions and momentary multitasking raise the level of stress in our body and mind, and therefor lead to lack of interpersonal attention. This is one of the most prominent causes of exhaustion and burn-out at work and of conflicts between family members.

What can we do about it?

The "Zen Juggling – Trust in Multitasking" workshop was created to help cope with this topic and deals with communication, interactions and interpersonal trust in multitasking situations.This activity, as a one-time session or a series of sessions, is designed to regain and nourish trust between the participants and between them and their peers, and protect it from the side effects of pressure and stress, both at work and at home.

Using the learning process of the art of juggling, but only in pairs and groups, this activity allows the participants to “take a peek” on relationships and behaviour patterns. During the process, these interfaces are reflected in a first-hand way, discussed in an empowering and constructive approach, and a new perspective is formed on patterns of behavior, trust and synergy.

About us

Zohar EXP is an Israeli based organizational development consultancy formed in the year 2004, offering a basket of experiential training programs for organizations and open groups, based on the notion that experience is the best way to learn and change. Today, Zohar EXP employs several dozen professional instructors from a variety of experiential worlds, consultants, counselors and organizational psychologists.

We consult various organizations – from start-ups and small businesses to large public companies and government organizations – with training programs, workshops, lectures, seminars and conferences suitable for employees and managers of all levels. In all of our activities, the experiential thread runs under the guidance of real masters of their field.
Our mission is to promote, develop and empower organizations and people in the with valuable unforgettable experiences.



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Employee and Executive Conferences

Executive and employee conferences are a great opportunity to unite all participants for a common purpose, to create a sense of belonging to the organization, to hear and to be heard. Conferences often do not motivate participants to act and do not create the sense of belonging that we would like them to create. The classic format of executive lectures and a performance of a random artist will usually provide either boredom or light entertainment, and will provide a sense of "more of the same".

Instead, we at "Zohar – Experience Learning" offer you a proven, reliable and effective guidance and Instruction tools. Through our basket of experiential activities, we create a meaningful rememberable event for your employees and executives.

The tools at our disposal are artistic hosting, active lectures and demonstrations on various topics, audience-based activities in the auditorium, experiential workstations according to themes or values, and even unique experiences shared together by hundreds of people! With these features, we always keep the experience we provide relevant to the organizational goals and needs and make sure they shine throughout the event.


Artistic facilitation – For conferences, exhibitions, launches, and other events
Artistic link segments that are specially built according to the nature of the event and audience. They can be fun or poetic, short and poignant or in-depth. Artistic facilitation is also appropriate when you want to arouse the audience's curiosity for the activities expected.



The inner clown – creativity, communication, and sincerity in every interaction

If you want to get out of your daily routine, shed your daily burden, meet your inner child, and along with him to embark on a journey of learning, wrapped with constant laughter and enjoyment, the "Inner Clown" workshop is the place for you.

This unique workshop is designed to teach you how to use comedic language in your daily work environment, to direct you to find the key to your creativity, and help to you shake off the daily routine. All are achieved in a liberating and bonding experience.

In the workshop, participants gradually take off the serious expression and replace it with a primal feeling, releasing from conventions, and connecting to an authentic feeling of moving naivety. The workshop demonstrates how a person without self-criticism becomes an environmental magnet, free, creative and authentic.

The workshop's practice includes playing with mistakes, verbal exercises, body language exercises, learning the "16th solution", group tasks and working on the essence of comic thinking. The discussion, in all its various forms, is supported by scientific quotations and research.

Clowning" brings three insights to the surface that offer tools for applying the clownish way of thinking in everyday situations and for developing the abilities that are learned over time:

  • Up close – tragedy, from a distance – comedy.
  • Shake the dust at least once a day (jabber, move funny, find your inner melody).
  • The 16th solution – your key to creativity.

A view to the horizon

Every individual or organization acts in the light of guiding values moving them forward and outline their paradigmes.
"A view To The Horizon" provides a platform where  participants are introduced to organizational values and share their own. In the first part of the workshop, participants deepen their understanding of the organizational values and set out to express them through phgotgraphy. In the second part (Half-day workshops), participants formulate a personal vision that they aspire to achieve inspired by the values found in the same "toolbox".

Formulating a vision is based on the ability to imagine a picture of reality as if it existed in the present. During the workshop, the camera provides the opportunity to "paint" the vision and allows participants to use everyday materials surrounding them in order to express the vision and open a window into the future.

Key chapters in the workshop

  • Introducing and connecting to the values that lead me through cards
    The participants choose a card that expresses their perception of leading values – what is the chosen value? How is itexpressed in the card I chose?
  • Photo Expression – Presentation (Photography Tips)
    In order to bring life and spirit into the vision, participants become aware of several means of expression that help in creatin quality photography: composition, selection of objects, photography from different angles, use of symbols, color and shape, light and shadow, textures, portraits, homages and more.
  • Selected values photo tasks
    Participants choose a photography task dealing with selected values and using various means of expression. Values will be selected in advance from the
    organizations/units values or will be determined by the participants.

Example: Personal responsibility

"Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it"  – George Bernard Shaw

"The price of greatness is responsibility" – Winston Churchill

Points of reflection and photography:

  • Who or what am I responsible for?
  • How does my area of responsibility affect or contribute to my environment?
  • Express "responsibility" as it is perceived by you
    Depending on the chosen value, relevant questions will be incorporated into the processing and formulation of personal and organizational insights. 

    Uploading images to the computer, observing and discussing the following topics:
  • What values were expressed in my photos?
  • How do the values I chose motivate or inhibit me in creating my vision?
  • Have I learned anything new about myself / about the organization / about the people working in the organization?

Building Trust

“As in water face answereth to face, so the heart of man to man” –  Proverbs Chapter 27, 19

Let’s examine this in an experiential way! Trust is the glue that connects us. Family, friends, colleagues, businesses, communities.  We can all feel what trust is, but often it is difficult to define it or know how to actively create it.

What makes us trust each other?

How Do I make somebody trust me?

Building Trust workshops and lectures examine these questions while actively building trust between participants leaving them with a fresh perspective, new knowledge, and a set of tools for creating trusting relationships and connections in all aspects of life.

There is no better way to learn and change than the experiential way. These workshops and active lectures utilize simple yet powerful Acro games (also called “Acro-Yoga” or “Acro-Balance”), that are tailored to the ability and needs of any group. No previous experience required! These games are both fun and 

challenging, while enabling us to really feel what we are talking about – trust.

  • Learn about trust through psychology and cognitive science, physiology, and eastern traditions
  • Experience “Acro” – human pyramids in pairs and groups
  • Learn and practice “Therapeutic Flying” – the soft side of Acro
  • Recognize key points for building trust in relationships
  • Establish roots for creating trusting connections with members of the group

Join in for a heartwarming, connecting experience that will elevate your connection with others!

Zen Juggling – The Multitasking Challenge

Are you a Multitasker? Well, however you may perceive yourself, we all live in a world of multitasking. Every one of us needs to take care of so many different tasks at the same time! Be it at work, at home, in traffic, while studying or at a party, our attention is constantly being bombarded by numerous stimuli coming from both our environment and from our ever-vibrant minds.

What happens when we multitask?
Doing fewer things or isolating ourselves is usually not an option. Therefore, under pressure, we make mistakes, find it hard to change habits, become stressed and angry, and gradually harm our well-being, health, and relationships. Psychological studies and data from around the world constantly show that what people usually think about multitasking in general, and about their multitasking behavior, is covered with myths and mistakes.

Oded Zohar has been studying this interdisciplinary subject for over ten years, through cognitive science, neuropsychology, yoga, and zen-Buddhism, and addresses it using a unique, vivid and experiential method – The Art of Juggling.

People refer to juggling as a metaphor for multitasking. In fact, juggling real objects and juggling tasks, thoughts or attractions do have a lot in common, and involve similar mechanisms in our brains, so that when we juggle we experience the same bottle-necks,
emotions and behaviors as in our daily multitasking situations. Juggling not only illustrates what
multitasking is but also allows a fresh perspective and a path to discuss practical coping mechanisms,
personal and organizational.

Over 60,000 people worldwide have already experienced Zen Juggling workshops and interactive lectures, including managers and employees in many organizations – business, governmental, NGO, and start-up companies. Among them are Teva, Intel, Bayer, Amdocs, Verint, Microsoft, HP, SAP, and the Israeli Air Force and Police.

"Multitasking – Myths, Truths, and Attention" – An interactive lecture
In a fun, interesting, informative and interactive lecture, Oded Zohar shows how multitasking is affecting our lives to an extent never before experienced in human history, explains what are the downsides of the phenomenon (an effect on our communication capabilities and even on our mental health) and gives a variety of applicable and practical tools relevant to each and every one of us.

Join in and mindfully change the way you multitask!