The inner clown – creativity, communication, and sincerity in every interaction

If you want to get out of your daily routine, shed your daily burden, meet your inner child, and along with him to embark on a journey of learning, wrapped with constant laughter and enjoyment, the "Inner Clown" workshop is the place for you.

This unique workshop is designed to teach you how to use comedic language in your daily work environment, to direct you to find the key to your creativity, and help to you shake off the daily routine. All are achieved in a liberating and bonding experience.

In the workshop, participants gradually take off the serious expression and replace it with a primal feeling, releasing from conventions, and connecting to an authentic feeling of moving naivety. The workshop demonstrates how a person without self-criticism becomes an environmental magnet, free, creative and authentic.

The workshop's practice includes playing with mistakes, verbal exercises, body language exercises, learning the "16th solution", group tasks and working on the essence of comic thinking. The discussion, in all its various forms, is supported by scientific quotations and research.

Clowning" brings three insights to the surface that offer tools for applying the clownish way of thinking in everyday situations and for developing the abilities that are learned over time:

  • Up close – tragedy, from a distance – comedy.
  • Shake the dust at least once a day (jabber, move funny, find your inner melody).
  • The 16th solution – your key to creativity.

Workshop options

2-4 hours workshop

Up to 45 participants (3 houres)

In-depth workshop 5-8 hours

Includes processing and mirroring to the work environment - up to 25 participants.

Interactive lecture

An hour and a half, short demonstrations with participants from the audience. No participants limit


Ilana Zilberberg - HR manager - Intel
"Following the compliments I lavished on Shlomi on the phone, the workshop and the event were excellent, they gave an accurate answer to the need we presented, and we succeeded in acting foolish without feeling stupid. Truly amazing!"

About the lecturers

Shlomi Golan

Medical clown and director, medical clowns instructor and lecturer on at several universities. Founder of the Israeli Center for Clowning at the Givatayim Theater.
Uri weiss

Uri is one of the leading circus artists in Israel. A graduate of the Jacques Lecouck School of Physical Theater in Paris, clowning and physical theater teacher and preformes around the globe in award-winning street performances such as "Cirque No Problem" and "The Human God".