A view to the horizon

Every individual or organization acts in the light of guiding values moving them forward and outline their paradigmes.
"A view To The Horizon" provides a platform where  participants are introduced to organizational values and share their own. In the first part of the workshop, participants deepen their understanding of the organizational values and set out to express them through phgotgraphy. In the second part (Half-day workshops), participants formulate a personal vision that they aspire to achieve inspired by the values found in the same "toolbox".

Formulating a vision is based on the ability to imagine a picture of reality as if it existed in the present. During the workshop, the camera provides the opportunity to "paint" the vision and allows participants to use everyday materials surrounding them in order to express the vision and open a window into the future.

Key chapters in the workshop

  • Introducing and connecting to the values that lead me through cards
    The participants choose a card that expresses their perception of leading values – what is the chosen value? How is itexpressed in the card I chose?
  • Photo Expression – Presentation (Photography Tips)
    In order to bring life and spirit into the vision, participants become aware of several means of expression that help in creatin quality photography: composition, selection of objects, photography from different angles, use of symbols, color and shape, light and shadow, textures, portraits, homages and more.
  • Selected values photo tasks
    Participants choose a photography task dealing with selected values and using various means of expression. Values will be selected in advance from the
    organizations/units values or will be determined by the participants.

Example: Personal responsibility

"Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it"  – George Bernard Shaw

"The price of greatness is responsibility" – Winston Churchill

Points of reflection and photography:

  • Who or what am I responsible for?
  • How does my area of responsibility affect or contribute to my environment?
  • Express "responsibility" as it is perceived by you
    Depending on the chosen value, relevant questions will be incorporated into the processing and formulation of personal and organizational insights. 

    Uploading images to the computer, observing and discussing the following topics:
  • What values were expressed in my photos?
  • How do the values I chose motivate or inhibit me in creating my vision?
  • Have I learned anything new about myself / about the organization / about the people working in the organization?

Workshop options

2-4 hours workshop

Values only

In-depth workshop 5-8 hours

Two photography tasks - values and vision.


  • Lt. Col. (Res.) Sigalit Ekri - The National Center for Israeli Resilience
    "Dear and talented Oded, At the end of the "Together in Emergency" conference for directors of educational assemblies in the local authorities, we would like to thank you for the effort you invested in preparation and management of this conference. Thanks to your deep understanding of the conference's professional content and understanding of its goals, you have been able to offer us the right format, thus enabling achievement of our goals in an experiential, original and yet effective way. Your personal attention to each detail, the guidance of our team during the planning stage we and the help we received through all our requirements, gave us a good and trusting feeling. Along with your team of high quality instructors who led the workshops gracefully and professionally - the execution was perfect. We learned, we experienced and we want to meet again ... thanks a lot. "
  • Attorney Eran Weintraub - Director General - "Latet" NGO
    "As part of an organizational event summarizing the passing year and the process of preparing next year's work plans, we participated in the "A look at the Horizon" workshop, led by Oded Zohar, aiming to create a dialogue and reflect the values, mission, and identity of "Latet". The workshop enabled us to demonstrate creativity and to hold a professional, interesting and enjoyable discussion while encouraging self-expression of all participants.

About the lecturer

Oded Zohar

Oded is the founder and key facilitator at Zohar EXP, an Israeli based organizational development consultancy that offers a basket of experiential training programs for organizations and open groups, based on the notion that experience is the best way to learn and change. Oded has studied business management and mass media in Tel Aviv University, as well as organizational development consultancy at the Adler Institude. He has completed Iyengar Yoga teachers training as well as additional programs in cognitive psychology, buddhism, coaching and theater. Oded was infected with the juggling virus at a young age and performed professionally in Israel, Europe, and the U.S. He is an enthusiastic practitioner of acro-balance, circus arts and is an avid motorcyclist.