Zen Juggling – Trust in Multitasking

We all live in a multitasking environment. We are constantly loaded with multiple tasks and thoughts, and sometimes we are trying to handle it all at once. Multitasking has become present everywhere in our lifes: at home, at work, while driving our car and in numerous simple daily tasks.

The competition on our attention can have a destructive effect on our emotions and our interactions with the people around us. According to dozens of studies from around the world, distractions and momentary multitasking raise the level of stress in our body and mind, and therefor lead to lack of interpersonal attention. This is one of the most prominent causes of exhaustion and burn-out at work and of conflicts between family members.

What can we do about it?

The "Zen Juggling – Trust in Multitasking" workshop was created to help cope with this topic and deals with communication, interactions and interpersonal trust in multitasking situations.This activity, as a one-time session or a series of sessions, is designed to regain and nourish trust between the participants and between them and their peers, and protect it from the side effects of pressure and stress, both at work and at home.

Using the learning process of the art of juggling, but only in pairs and groups, this activity allows the participants to “take a peek” on relationships and behaviour patterns. During the process, these interfaces are reflected in a first-hand way, discussed in an empowering and constructive approach, and a new perspective is formed on patterns of behavior, trust and synergy.

Workshop options

2-4 hours workshop

Experience Multitasking – Learn How to Juggle

In-depth workshop 5-8 hours

The 7 Insights of Zen Juggling

Two day seminar

Become a juggler, learn the 7 insights of Zen Juggling, and examine real life implications to life, work and relationships.

Interactive lecture

Multitasking – Myths, Truths and Attention

The multitasking challenge

A six session course. A course designed to cultivate in participants the skills of coping with workload and multitasking, through different topics: Proactivity, Emotional Regulation, Changing Habits, Managing a working environment, Mindfulness, Concentration and Interpersonal communication in a multi-tasking environment.


  • Martin G. Englisher - Chief Executive Officer - JCC Washington Heights New York
    "We enjoyed hosting Oded Zohar for special workshops in schools about pro-activity, attention and self-esteem. Oded brought a fresh perspective and a profound professional knowledge, that combined with his experiential methods had a very meaningful impact. Students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop Thank you!"
  • Yael Ben Yehuda - Paradigm
    We were happy to take part in Zohar EXP's multi-tasking workshop for 50 participants from our global management team. Both theoretical content and practical activity were excellent, a combination of theory with humor, fluent guidance that adjusted itself to the target audience. Everyone came out very, very pleased.

About the lecturer

Oded Zohar

Oded is an organizational consultant, a member of the Israeli organizational development association, founder and owner of Zohar EXP and the author of the book "Zen Juggling - Seven Insights into Multi-Tasking and Attention". Over the past 20 years Oded has studied OD consultancy, mass media, cognitive psychology, business, yoga, mindfulness, mediation, NVC and NLP. All led to the creation of the workshop, combining them in a unique and fun way.