Zen Juggling – The Multitasking Challenge

Are you a Multitasker? Well, however you may perceive yourself, we all live in a world of multitasking. Every one of us needs to take care of so many different tasks at the same time! Be it at work, at home, in traffic, while studying or at a party, our attention is constantly being bombarded by numerous stimuli coming from both our environment and from our ever-vibrant minds.

What happens when we multitask?
Doing fewer things or isolating ourselves is usually not an option. Therefore, under pressure, we make mistakes, find it hard to change habits, become stressed and angry, and gradually harm our well-being, health, and relationships. Psychological studies and data from around the world constantly show that what people usually think about multitasking in general, and about their multitasking behavior, is covered with myths and mistakes.

Oded Zohar has been studying this interdisciplinary subject for over ten years, through cognitive science, neuropsychology, yoga, and zen-Buddhism, and addresses it using a unique, vivid and experiential method – The Art of Juggling.

People refer to juggling as a metaphor for multitasking. In fact, juggling real objects and juggling tasks, thoughts or attractions do have a lot in common, and involve similar mechanisms in our brains, so that when we juggle we experience the same bottle-necks,
emotions and behaviors as in our daily multitasking situations. Juggling not only illustrates what
multitasking is but also allows a fresh perspective and a path to discuss practical coping mechanisms,
personal and organizational.

Over 60,000 people worldwide have already experienced Zen Juggling workshops and interactive lectures, including managers and employees in many organizations – business, governmental, NGO, and start-up companies. Among them are Teva, Intel, Bayer, Amdocs, Verint, Microsoft, HP, SAP, and the Israeli Air Force and Police.

"Multitasking – Myths, Truths, and Attention" – An interactive lecture
In a fun, interesting, informative and interactive lecture, Oded Zohar shows how multitasking is affecting our lives to an extent never before experienced in human history, explains what are the downsides of the phenomenon (an effect on our communication capabilities and even on our mental health) and gives a variety of applicable and practical tools relevant to each and every one of us.

Join in and mindfully change the way you multitask!

Workshop options

2-4 hours workshop

Experience Multitasking – Learn How to Juggle

In-depth workshop 5-8 hours

The 7 Insights of Zen Juggling

Two day seminar

Become a juggler, learn the 7 insights of Zen Juggling, and examine real life implications to life, work and relationships.

Interactive lecture

Multitasking – Myths, Truths and Attention

The multitasking challenge

A six session course. A course designed to cultivate in participants the skills of coping with workload and multitasking, through different topics: Proactivity, Emotional Regulation, Changing Habits, Managing a working environment, Mindfulness, Concentration and Interpersonal communication in a multi-tasking environment.


  • Martin G. Englisher - Chief Executive Officer - JCC Washington Heights New York
    "We enjoyed hosting Oded Zohar for special workshops in schools about pro-activity, attention and self-esteem. Oded brought a fresh perspective and a profound professional knowledge, that combined with his experiential methods had a very meaningful impact. Students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop Thank you!"
  • Yael Ben Yehuda - Paradigm
    We were happy to take part in Zohar EXP's multi-tasking workshop for 50 participants from our global management team. Both theoretical content and practical activity were excellent, a combination of theory with humor, fluent guidance that adjusted itself to the target audience. Everyone came out very, very pleased.

About the lecturer

Oded Zohar

Oded is the founder and key facilitator at Zohar EXP, an Israeli based organizational development consultancy that offers a basket of experiential training programs for organizations and open groups, based on the notion that experience is the best way to learn and change. Oded has studied business management and mass media in Tel Aviv University, as well as organizational development consultancy at the Adler Institude. He has completed Iyengar Yoga teachers training as well as additional programs in cognitive psychology, buddhism, coaching and theater. Oded was infected with the juggling virus at a young age and performed professionally in Israel, Europe, and the U.S. He is an enthusiastic practitioner of acro-balance, circus arts and is an avid motorcyclist.