Building Trust

“As in water face answereth to face, so the heart of man to man” –  Proverbs Chapter 27, 19

Let’s examine this in an experiential way! Trust is the glue that connects us. Family, friends, colleagues, businesses, communities.  We can all feel what trust is, but often it is difficult to define it or know how to actively create it.

What makes us trust each other?

How Do I make somebody trust me?

Building Trust workshops and lectures examine these questions while actively building trust between participants leaving them with a fresh perspective, new knowledge, and a set of tools for creating trusting relationships and connections in all aspects of life.

There is no better way to learn and change than the experiential way. These workshops and active lectures utilize simple yet powerful Acro games (also called “Acro-Yoga” or “Acro-Balance”), that are tailored to the ability and needs of any group. No previous experience required! These games are both fun and 

challenging, while enabling us to really feel what we are talking about – trust.

  • Learn about trust through psychology and cognitive science, physiology, and eastern traditions
  • Experience “Acro” – human pyramids in pairs and groups
  • Learn and practice “Therapeutic Flying” – the soft side of Acro
  • Recognize key points for building trust in relationships
  • Establish roots for creating trusting connections with members of the group

Join in for a heartwarming, connecting experience that will elevate your connection with others!

workshop options

2-4 hours workshop

Experience trust and create magnificent human pyramids

In-depth workshop 5-8 hours

Experience trust – Create human pyramids, examine trust building insights and techniques and their implementation

Two day seminar

Experience trust – Create human pyramids, examine trust building insights and techniques and their implementation, discuss case studies. Learn and practice “Therapeutic Flying.”

Interactive presentation

“Between us” – Building interpersonal trust with active juggling and acro demonstrations

About the lecturer

Oded Zohar

Oded is the founder and key facilitator at Zohar EXP, an Israeli based organizational development consultancy that offers a basket of experiential training programs for organizations and open groups, based on the notion that experience is the best way to learn and change. Oded has studied business management and mass media in Tel Aviv University, as well as organizational development consultancy at the Adler Institude. He has completed Iyengar Yoga teachers training as well as additional programs in cognitive psychology, buddhism, coaching and theater. Oded was infected with the juggling virus at a young age and performed professionally in Israel, Europe, and the U.S. He is an enthusiastic practitioner of acro-balance, circus arts and is an avid motorcyclist.